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From Agency Leadership to Freelance Freedom: Mapping My Transition

The Leap

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After dreaming about it for a long time, I started my journey in the business world as a software engineer, confident in my technical ability but little prepared for the world of business; sales, negotiations, team management, managing many parallel projects, etc. I had to adapt a lot and soon found myself in the need to assume a more commercial and marketing role, facing a challenge I never imagined. This change not only took me out of my comfort zone but also tested my adaptability and learning ability.

As I immersed myself in the task of attracting projects for the company, I developed a new set of skills. I learned to communicate with potential clients, to know where I could find them, to understand their needs, and to present our solutions effectively. This process was an absolute revelation: an engineer must be versatile, must be able to contribute much more beyond code.

Challenges and Revelations

The transition was not easy. Many times I saw that my efforts were not entirely valued by those who quantified the value that was individually contributed based on the lines of code you produced and over time this lack of recognition generated tensions. This situation taught me a crucial lesson about the value of communication and respect within a team.

Despite the obstacles, my conviction that business success requires a holistic vision did not change. I understood that each team member contributes value in a unique way and that the diversity of skills strengthens the company. This understanding deepened my appreciation for teamwork and effective collaboration.

Growth and Learning

This experience transformed me. I greatly expanded my skills beyond the purely technical, becoming a better leader and a better communicator. I learned to translate technical complexities into accessible language, facilitating the bridge between the development team and clients. This ability honestly became one of my greatest strengths, allowing me to lead projects with a more integrative perspective, perfectly understanding the needs of other departments beyond the development team.

Personal growth was equally significant. The need to balance my responsibilities taught me to manage my time more effectively and to prioritize tasks with real impact. These management and leadership lessons have not only enriched my professional career but have also shaped my approach to challenges and opportunities.

Transition to Freelance

Over time, I decided it was time to seek new horizons and opted to go my own way. This decision marked the beginning of a stage of greater autonomy and creative freedom. Working on my own allowed me to directly apply the lessons learned, making strategic decisions and executing projects with a clear vision and without having to answer to anyone but myself.

This new phase also opened doors to enriching collaborations with other professionals who share my approach and values, and with companies that highly value my way of doing things. Together, we have formed alliances based on mutual respect, excellence, trust, and innovation. After all, every project is an opportunity to grow, learn, and contribute.

Looking Towards the Future

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Today, as a freelancer, I am more committed than ever to my professional and personal development. I am open to new opportunities that allow me to apply my technical and business experience in a meaningful way. My goal is to continue contributing to projects that not only challenge my skills but also have a positive impact on the industry and the people I work with.

I look to the future with optimism and curiosity, ready to face the challenges that come and explore new frontiers. My journey so far has been a combination of learning, adaptation, and overcoming obstacles. I am excited about what is to come and eager to see how I can continue evolving and contributing to the world of engineering and technology.